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I'm so incredibly excited to share the images from this Project Beauty shoot with you! It was awesome to strip it back to simple. There was no hair or makeup, natural light, and no retouching. This was all about true beauty not the superficial beauty that society forces on us every day, but something deeper. Something with more meaning. So below, you'll find 9 amazing girls who shared what true beauty means to them along with their images and our behind the scenes video. 


"Rather than seeking a definite denotation, beauty holds an obscure concept in which no single person can ultimately recognize and define beauty based off of a physical trait. Beauty can only be obtained from ones actions and through character. In order to perceive beauty, one must find it within themselves first."-Anne


"Beauty, expressing yourself to the world letting them know that you are pretty in your own way. Letting your beauty come out and telling the world that I'm so happy that this is me." - Courtney


"When I think of beauty I think of art. I don't just mean art in museums but the art of life. I like to think of people as little paintings because everyone has their own style, story and pieces that are ever changing. And while your painting the piece known as yourself your also painting the world around you and I think that's beautiful." -Bri


"Beauty is not just how you look physically but how you express your inner self and feel confident in your own skin."-Brianna


"Beauty is entirely subjective. No matter how simple or complex it might be we all possess it. In the end, we will only be remembered by how our inner beauty leaked through." -Mya


"Beauty is not what clothes you wear or what make up you put on but rather what's inside, what kind of person you are and that is what should be glorified and appreciated more than anything else. "- Courtney


"There are so many ways that someone or something could be beautiful. Like when you see how passionate someone is about something and just how genuinely happy they are i feel like that's beauty. When someone doesn't care as much about how they look and more about what they're doing and getting better, that's beauty. It's not as much in someone's looks but more like their personality and the way they think. Intelligence is beauty."- Kirsten


“Personally I think it all has to do with your flaws; what you are and aren't. Which is what makes you most attractive. Physical aspects aren't as important as what lies inside us and what our personalities have to offer :) "- Natalie


“To me beauty is having confidence and really loving yourself & being comfortable in your own skin. “- Kayla


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Brenna | Kansas Senior 2017

Hello my friends, 

I'm so excited to introduce you to the GORGEOUS Miss Brenna! She's a 2017 senior here in Kansas! Not only is she absolutely stunning, but one of the sweetest girls I've ever met.  For her senior session, we did a mix of studio and outdoor shots!  She was so fun to work with and an absolute natural in front of the camera. Here are a few of our favorite images from Brenna's senior session! 

brenna sneak 3.jpg

Photographer: Ashley Klaty

Hair & Makeup: Meghan Opfer

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AKP Model Team

AKP Model Team for 2018 Seniors- this is an exclusive model program where you represent Ashley Klaty Photography!  In return you get to be part of a group model shoot,  AKP model meet ups, win prizes, and a lot of other fun throughout the year!  Details are below!


The Details:

For the Class of 2018 - limited spots available!

Follow application process & follow on instagram (@ashleyklatyphotography) & snapchat (ashleyklaty)

Who is Ashley looking for?


Participate in school events, sports, or community relations. 

Outgoing personalities

Social medial active 

Love fashion, style, and being in front of the camera


Must book your senior portrait session with Ashley Klaty Photography

Promote AKP solely and professionally

Promote AKP via social media


Attend all necessary meets and shoots

Tell friends and classmates to book with Ashley Klaty Photography

What does it cost?

The initial session fee is $250.  $170 is due to secure your spot and $80 due to hair and makeup artists the day of session. 

What Senior Models Receive?

Participate in the AKP EXCLUSIVE  Model photoshoot. 

2018 Mini Prom Session for you and a friend!

Featured in AKP 2017-2018 marketing and advertisements. 

The chance to be on the cover of our AKP Magazine.

$25 cash or  gift card to Forever 21 or Sephora for each referral that books. 

Have 5 or more friends/classmates that book their session and receive a customized storyboard from your senior session!

A chance to win a $500 scholarship from AKP.

Application Process:

3 Steps:

1. Initial Application (Applications close January 31st)

2. Attend AKP Model Meet + Greet where you must bring a parent or guardian. 

3. At the AKP Model Meet + Greet we'll go over all information giving you the opportunity to sign up to officially become an AKP model. 

*All candidates that officially sign up will receive an AKP swag bag that evening.