Hello my lovely friends, 

Welcome back for another fabulous WARDROBE WEDNESDAY (totally said in a game show voice) the topic of today: BOOTS (A favorite topic of mine! I'm a total boot addict or actually shoe addict in general) 

 Fall is the season of indulgence at least in my book (i love to indulge in baked goods, comfy clothes, and lots of cuddles) and this totally goes for boots too!  From fringe, to casual, to edgy, to street style, rich colors, and details, boots are made to be a statement piece this fall!  Therefore, I think we should all indulge in a pair of wonderful boots for this season.

Statement boots are the perfect way to build an outfit from the ground up!  So, my friends, lets boot up with all the latest gorgeous boot trends! ( I love it when I rhyme and don't even mean to :D) 








What pair will you be crunching leaves with this fall!?  As always click on the image to shop and have a wonderful Wednesday!