Hello again, 

Today we get to talk about color in fashion and the color of the day is DEEP RICH RED!  So beautiful.  I've got my tea (switched it up from coffee today! crazy, right!?) and am ready to hang out and chat! 

Gorgeous rich reds are dominating the fall and winter style and for good reason!  They add a luxurious elegance to any outfit.  The ways to incorporate this gorgeous color are endless; I've included a few below!  

First up, bags!  Deep red bags are the perfect way to add some depth to any outfit while keeping the look polished and pulled together.  Plus it's like you're walking around with a gorgeous gem hanging from your shoulder due to the stunning designs and beautiful color; and I mean, who wouldn't want to walk around with a gorgeous gem on their shoulder!? 


Eye-catching jewelry is another great way to add this gorgeous color into your wardrobe line up!

 First, I've just got to say cuffs are whats up in the bracelet world especially ones with layers and Swarovski crystals.

Sorry, just taking a quick break to fan myself because OH MY GOSH just GORGEOUS!  

Then,  for necklaces you can never go wrong with something simple but why not go all out with an eye catcher!  A stunning statement necklace speckled with silver and wine red.  Anytime I look at this beauty I just picture it with a super simple black gown, at a dance, twirling around the dance floor, while subtly sparkling every time it catches the light. Oooh this one is just dreamy


I know we talked about shoes last week, but is there such a thing as talking too much about shoes? I don't think so!  Plus, today we are talking about deep cranberry red shoes; so, these are special.  Whether you want cute and comfortable or classy cool, deep red is where it's at.  The ultimate way to add spicy pops of color; trust me, your feet will love you! 


Finally, why not bundle right up in it!?  Fur, leather, wool, deep red looks stunning on it all.  These coats are fashionable and functional all while keeping you warm while the chill sets in.  I mean what more is there to want be bundled up in!?


Fun Fact!

Carrie Underwood just released her new CD a few days ago and guess what color she's rocking on the front!? That's right, deep red and looking gorgeous as always!  By the way if you haven't bought her CD yet! YOU MUST! It's that awesome. 


I'd love to hear what other colors you are loving for these upcoming colder months!  Share below and have it featured in an upcoming post because as you know I'm all about colorful fashion and photography! See you next time my friends!