Summer is one of my favorites times for shopping; who am I kidding shopping is a favorite thing to do anytime!! haha However, the thing about summer is there are so many fun colors and  patterns to choose from! So, if your looking for some summer shopping inspiration before your next shopping trip here's a few things I think are summer fashion must haves!  

Two piece sets are one of the best fashion designs ever created.  Just like their close family, dresses, they allow you to just put something on and get out the door without wondering what to pair with it!  The top and bottom are already put together for you.  Then, when your feeling brave and looking for some serious fun you can totally mix and match pieces from various two-piece sets! 

Fun patterned shorts are another must!  They add interest to any outfit and can tie color combinations together in a seamless way!  Also, shorts in general are just a summer must so adding a pattern makes them that much better!

Dresses and Rompers are also a major summer essential!  They are comfortable, easy to wear, and the options are positively endless!  You can opt for a crazy bright patterned print or a neutral single tone fabric.  Either way, they look amazing and fit the whole summer vibe effortlessly! 

Bold graphic tees are always an eye catcher!  It is even more exciting when there's a giant ice cream cone on the front, because who doesn't love ice cream!? or fro yo! i'm totally down with that too :D It just screams summer and can be dressed up or down super easily!

Colored Blazers. Those two words just might be my new hugest obsession. Whether they are bright and bold or light and pastel blazers can take a casual look and instantly make it professional.  When some people think of professional they think of stiff drab pieces and  how boring is that!? Why not add a pop of color with a gorgeous colored blazer!? I promise you won't regret it! Also, there are an incredible amount of different cuts and styles of blazers available to flatter any body type so find your favorite and rock it! 

What are YOUR summer fashion must haves!? Comment down below!! :) 

Shopping Time:

Sabo Skirt- Polka Dot 2 piece set:

Sabo Skirt- Pink Cubed Shorts-

Buckle Paisley Short-

Buckle Tie Dye Romper -

Zara- Dress -

Target- Ice Cream Shirt -

Missguided Pink Blazer-