I'm  beyond excited to announce that Ashley Klaty Photography is offering the ability to take your senior portraits to the next level with The Glam Rack!  It's seriously so AWESOME!!  AKP seniors have exclusive access to The Glam Rack and all I can say is prepare yourself for a ton of gorgeousness!  What is all this about The Glam Rack you might be wondering!?

Well, it's for the fashion obsessed senior and those who want the ultimate photography experience!  We've brought in clothes, shoes, and accessories from all around the WORLD!! That's right! We have clothes from Australia, London, the US and more!  Unique pieces were selected to make sure your senior portraits are even more one of a kind!  

I'll stop gushing now and let you take a little peek behind the scenes at some of The Glam Rack awesomeness! :D