Are you just starting your journey as a photographer, are you struggling to connect with your clients, or are you just looking for ways to be even better at your job!?  If so this one's for you!  

One of the most essential things with photography is getting your clients comfortable at their photo session.  This goes for weddings, families, boudoir sessions you name it!   It is SO important that your clients feel comfortable with YOU! 

So, here are some tips on how I like to rock my senior sessions by helping them feel comfortable while in front of the camera!! (These tips can easily be adapted to fit they type of photography you do!) 


1. Ask Get-to-Know-You Questions

From the very beginning, I begin by asking questions to get to know my client better! It starts with a quick questionairre with questions like:  What's you current favorite song?  If there was only one candy bar left in the world what one would you want it to be?  etc.

Asking questions in a fun way gives you a ton of insight into your client and not only helps you plan their session but also gives you an idea of what to talk about the day of their photo shoot! 

On the day of the shoot get them talking right away to break the ice!! Use the answers from the questionnaire to have some questions ready to start and build conversation!  The more they talk the more comfortable they become. 


2. Genuine Compliments

It's important to give your client compliments because it builds their confidence.  If you really love an outfit they brought and you know it's going to look great then tell them and get excited about it! I even go as far as happy dances when I get super excited; I just can't help myself! lol  

If your client has a feature about them that is beautiful then TELL them!!  Whether it's their eyes, hair, smile, or bubbly personality let them know you see it and you want to show the world by showcasing it in their session!  

The ABSOLUTE key to it though is that it must be GENUINE don't provide them with a bunch of  meaningless compliments because they'll know and it'll make more awkward. We are going for relaxed and being genuine is what'll get you there. 


3. Posing

Pose your clients.  Don't expect them to be able to go and give you a bunch of poses with no guidance.  It doesn't happen. (Unless they're a model and that's a totally different topic!)

So, my advice is to create a Pinterest board full of poses you love and then PRACTICE them! That's right, practice in the mirror on yourself so you know how it feels and how it looks best.  Ask family and friends to let you practice with them so you can get better at directing poses.  

Also, the day of the photo shoot put your practice to use by showing your client exactly what you want them to do.  When we arrive to the location I pose myself how I'd like them to pose.  This does a couple things: 1. it shows them what you are going for and how to achieve it.  2. it makes them MUCH more comfortable because you just went and did it first.  Once they are in the pose make little adjustments through direction to get it just right. 

The more direction and guidance you can provide the more comfortable they'll be. 


4. Show Them The Back of Your Camera

During the session, be sure to show your clients a few of the images from the back of the camera. I mean who doesn't LOVE a little sneak peek!? So, flip that camera over and share your LCD screen! It gives them an extra boost of confidence and results in more excitement leading to a more comfortable client! 

5. Take Candid Photos

Even though everyone loves an incredibly posed photo; it's super important to sneak in a few candid shots of your client.  When they laugh or look away take that shot!  It provides a closer look at who they are and compliments the posed photos beautifully.  

Tip: If you want to get a good laughing shot of a client and your naturally not a funny person then just tell them "When I say go we are going to laugh out loud together!" then make sure you laugh right out loud with them; it might feel ridiculous at the moment but right after the fake laugh it ALWAYS results in a genuine laugh from the client because of how goofy it is! Trust me I use this one frequently! lol


Anyways, that's my 5 tips to help people feel more comfortable at their photo session and I hope this helps you rock your upcoming sessions even more!!