Yay!! We are back with another Must-Have Monday and this week it's all about Selena Gomez's style! Seriously, this girl can pull off a casually cute girly look during the day to a perfectly cool rock n' roll look at night.  So, lets take some tips from this talented artist and see how we can recreate her style!  First lesson: SIMPLICITY is a MUST  Selena is the queen of keeping the wardrobe simple while still making a statement. How you wonder? Pick one color and then accent with black & white or skip the color all together and go straight for the black & white. It's so easy! I love that she shows us being fashionable doesn't mean dressing in extremely elaborate pieces; it's all about rocking what you have in a very refined way! 

For the day look it's all about being casually cute and I'm ALL about this kind of look! First, it's comfortable and anytime you can look cute and comfortable at the same time its an huge WIN!! The color scheme is simple black and white with a color of your choice.  Here she went with a chambray colored top and complimented it with the blue reflective lenses of her sunglasses. Everything else you guessed it black and white. (except for the water bottle but I mean a cute colored water bottle is a give right!?) This type of look is so simple to put together and flatters anyone!! 

Now, for the  night look, it gets darker, edgier, and has an awesome rock n' roll vibe!  Black is your friend my loves; find a cute crop top, some leather pants or leggings and a killer pair of boots all in black and your already 90% there! Now, all you need are a couple simple rings and an awesome leopard print coat in shades of black and white. So simple to put together and yet just perfection! 

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