Hello and welcome to our senior portrait photography website. If you are looking for a Junction City Kansas senior portrait Photographer, you are in the right place. We pride ourselves in offering that elusively luxurious senior portrait experience that is unique to this area. 

About Us

Since we went into business, we have had the great honor of showing college and high school seniors just how beautiful they are. We absolutely love the look on our client’s faces whenever we turn the camera around and they see how stunning they really are. 

Our goal as Junction City Kansas senior portrait Photographers is for you to walk away with that boost of confidence knowing that you are fabulous in person and on camera. It will, then, be documented and showcased through beautiful products that can be displayed for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. When receiving your products you’ll see that they are timeless pieces of fashionable and bold photographic art. 

Junction City Senior Photos

As a senior, you are probably uninspired by the photography currently offered by your school. The formula portraits you will get from your school are probably outdated. Although you might have an obligation to sit for your cap-and-gown photo, you certainly don’t have to endure the same poor quality for your other senior photos. 

If you wish to leave a mark embedded in print, you might want to consider talking to our professional senior portrait Photographers. The right photograph will make people remember you for years. You can count on us to bring this to fruition. We will create fashion-inspired, magazine-quality, model-like photographs with you. In this manner, you will be able to graduate and make a grand exit from your school and/or college. 

Why Choose Us

Your senior pictures must be unique to your personality and you. We can ensure this because we have been taking senior portrait photos for a number of years. Here’s why you should choose us:

1. Professionalism

Count on our professional experience and training and we will create pictures of you that will remain in your mind and in everyone else's who looks at them. We will capture that particular moment in your life where you are at a crossroads with stunning memories. What is more, we will deliver these results with the greatest levels of professionalism. 

We have been creating professional senior portraits for many years. Therefore, you can be sure that we will shoot images that will bring out the best of you as you are now, while capturing a glimpse of the person you are becoming.

2. Diversity

We understand and appreciate your diversity and uniqueness. No two seniors are ever the same. Our mission, therefore, as Junction City Kansas senior portrait Photographers is to bring out your personality through photography. We will highlight your most beautiful features, capture your personality in ways you will love and appreciate, and make sure that you are having fun in the process. We absolutely love our work. This means that you can trust us to embrace and showcase your uniqueness and portray how diverse your personality is through the subtle art of senior photography.

3. Affordability

Although we do not provide the cheapest senior portrait photography services in Junction City, you can be sure that we are affordable. Cheap senior portrait Photographers often botch up their work. For us, however, the focus is on quality. Therefore, the senior portraits we will shoot, print and frame for you will be of an unprecedented quality. Our desire as Junction City Kansas senior portrait Photographers is to give you exceptional value for your money. 

You certainly know that your classmates, friends and family will all want to share your photos on social media. By taking control of who takes your senior portraits, you will be able to have full say over what is out there representing who you are as a person. This is why it is so important for you to choose us. 

How It Works

Your senior year is filled with once in a lifetime moments that are just waiting to happen. Our professional Junction City senior portrait Photographers will capture the spirit and exuberance of these exciting milestones. Similarly, our focus on class, style, and sophistication will forever embed these memories and set them in stone (both literally and figuratively). 

As award-winning senior portrait Photographers, we will also help to tell your senior story with loads of creative lighting options, poses and backgrounds. Each of these extra features is designed to allow your personality and uniqueness to shine through the photos. 

To take advantage of our amazing photography services, please go through our website and find an option that works best for you. Then, get in touch with us and we will walk you through our creative process. We will also talk to you to find out what you are looking for and how you want your senior portrait photography session to go down. After that, we will schedule an appointment for you (either in studio or at a location convenient for you) before proceeding with the actual photo shoot.

The Basics of Senior Portrait Photography

Our Junction City senior portrait Photographers will capture your life and youth as a young adult. For this reason, we will usually theme our senior photos according to your interests. 

We usually shoot these portraits on location to further add to the context of the photos. For traditional senior portraits, we can also photograph you in our studio setting with standard backgrounds. If you are looking for more elaborate portraits, we will include additional lightning props to bring your vision to life. Hair and makeup are provided for all senior portrait sessions and profesional photo retouching to remove any stray hair and/or blemishes is included in each session too. 

Senior Portrait Props

Are you an actor? Athlete? Musician? Then, we encourage you to bring along a couple of your own props to show off your skills and talents during the portrait photography session. Most of the talented seniors who come to us are usually accompanied on set by their instruments, sports gear, and jackets among other amazing props for unique senior portraits.

Contact Junction City Kansas Senior Portrait Photographers Today 

In conclusion, come to us today and enjoy high quality and professional senior portraiture. We offer a diverse variety of photos capturing anything from formal to casual and of course a photo for your yearbook. We encourage you to get in touch with us. For more variety in lighting, posing, and backgrounds, please consider our Luxe photography experience for Junction City Kansas senior portrait photography sessions.