It's time to meet our new 2017 AKP Models!!! 

Our AKP Models are representatives that went through the entire application process the beginning of January! These current Juniors made it all the way through and are now of representing Ashley Klaty Photography! They are here to let you know about the AKP experience and of course hook you up with some VIP Gifts! So, lets meet the new faces of Ashley Klaty Photography! 


Courtney Strahl: Junction City High School | Class of 2017                                                       

Active in Cheerleading, Swim, HOSA, Class Committee, Sign Language Club (Vice President)  

Described in 3 words: Passionate, Dedicated, Enthusiastic


Mya Stevens:Junction City High School | Class of 2017                                                              

Active in Cheerleading and Swim                                                                                    

Described in 3 words: Quirky, Fun, & Outgoing 


Kirsten Stallcup: Junction City High School | Class of 2017                        

 Active in Volleyball                                                                                                                          

 Described in 3 words: Adeventurous, Outgoing, Spontaneous