I can't believe we are already over a week into the month of March! So, time for another month in an Instagram! Here are some of my favorite moments from the month of February. 

1. I got to meet the new AKP Models!! These are the cute swag bags they received and I can't wait to start taking pictures of these beautiful girls!  I'm all about gifts and LOVE giving them all my seniors get a cute swag bag similar to this when they sign on 🙈💕

2.This sweatshirt is my new favorite!! I wear it a couple times a week lol but seriously "Wifi & Caffeine" SO cute!

3. Gwen Stefani and Urban Decay released some crazy AWESOME new products! My absolute favorite is the Lip Liner and Lipstick in Ex-Girlfriend. 

4. Desert heaven!!!! My sisters and I ate not one, but 3 plates of desert like this! 😳We dessert hard! lol (and definitely had stomach aches after this 😂)

5. This fringe dress from Lulu's had me twirling in the streets! 

6. The view of clouds from above = breathtaking

7. This twisty fishtail braid is a new favorite hairstyle! (Fun fact: F21 reposted this photo on their instagram! To say I was crazy excited would be an understatement lol 😂)

8. We went to Florida for a quick trip and enjoyed some gorgeous beach sunsets! I could handle seeing this every night! 

9. The beach is my happy place! 

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